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  • BERDOUES Grands Crus Collector Set

BERDOUES Grands Crus Collector Set

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Discover Berdoues Collection Grands Crus with these 8 beautiful scents.

Eight 2ml vials include:

Scorza di Sicilia - a trip through Sicily lands.

Selva do Brazil - a recreation of the Selva (rainforest) by melding a dry, inimitable green note.

Somei Yoshino - a delicate perfume of cherry blossom.

Vanira Moorea - Polynesia islands exoticism in a glass bottle.

Assam of India - a subtle perfume of tea leaves.

Arz-el-rab Oud - the natural elegance of wood, sober and authentic.

Oud Al Sahraa - the warmth of the Orient in a bottle.

Russkaya Kozha - all the sophistication of Russia captured in a glass bottle.

Notes: Scorza di Sicilia - A sweet citrus perfume that reveals the bright, suave sweetness of a sun-drenched fruit.

Selva do Brazil - Rain falls from the sky in a soft shower, reviving the skin with its light, cool touch. A fine vintage made from exotic plants, this is a sublime, harmonious fragrance.

Somei Yoshino - A delicate perfume of cherry blossom with its discreet elegance and subtle refinement this fragrance inspires contemplation.

Vanira Moorea - A voluptuous and sensual fragrance, a solar and tropical blend of Vanilla from Tahiti, Orange from Brazil and the Petit Grain of Paraguay.

Assam of India - Grown at water level, exudes finesse, firmness and generosity with a surprisingly forceful call to adventure. A bracing, refined blend.

Arz-el-rab Oud - This cologne is an invitation to travel to the heart of the powerful, sensual Orient, the legendary cedars of Mount Lebanon.

Al Saharaa - An elegant, powerful cologne displays its sensual nature.

Russkaya Kozha - An intense, mysterious perfume through the combination of Cade wood from Spain, Siam Benzoin from Malaysia and Cardamom from Guatemala.