BERDOUES - Maasai Mara

BERDOUES Maasai Mara
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Massai Mara is warm, spicy, scent that winds its irrefutable way into any heart. Inspired by the untamed Massai Mara lands in the heart of Africa, the self same fragrance encapsulates the essence of a spiritually awakening journey into a generous land, rich in personality and unspoilt in nature. A piquant blend smoothed over by subtle, honeyed notes, Massai Mara is based upon the herbaceous, bitter and slightly animal Egyptian blue chamomile. Known for its curative properties, blue chamomile constitutes a multifaceted, complex core upon which the combined chypre-oriental structure of this scent hinges. Blue and cool yet bittersweet and enlivening, blue chamomile is the light with which Massai Mara shines, the fragrant equivalent of overcast sunshine enabling the clearest perception of the savannahís vibrant color scape. Spanish labdanum illustrates the rusty red earth of this place: smoldering, sweet and slightly floral, this element shines gloriously through the potent lapis of blue chamomile creating eye and nose catching contrast. African Buchu keeps things crisp, itís woody, piquant verdancy reminiscent of tall grasses ablaze and sparkling beneath a high and powerful sun. Arid yet fecund, Massai Mara is a savory yet sweet rendering of breathtaking, ancient wild beauty. Wear it and wow, naturally. 3.4 oz

Fragrance Notes: Chamomile, Labdanum, Buchu

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