BERDOUES - Russkaya Kozha

BERDOUES Russkaya Kozha
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Russkaya Kozha has a discordant and biting opening that quickly moves to a flattened wood tinged with leather and oud. Thereís a sour edge and a pungent aspect, like worn leather pants that have absorbed the dirt and sweat from the wearer. The perfume is beefy without being weighted, but it does have presence. After a few minutes, the funky opening starts to sweeten and a wonderful radiating amber and benzoin ride above the now rough hewed sueded leather. Thereís a slight booziness that meets the mix and what was a bit rough and tumble at the beginning is now confidently sophisticated. It also seems like there may be a light rose note buried under the leather, but Iím not seeing that listed as one of the notes. The perfume settles down into a warmed smoky leather that is masculine without being overt but is still clearly in charge. Instead, it projects confidence in a wonderful grandeur that is born from the majestic heart of Mother Russia.

From the Berdoues website:

An elegant leather perfume.

All the sophistication of Russia captured in a glass bottle. A blend of the noblest raw materials, Russkaya Kozha develops into an intense, mysterious perfume through the combination of Cade wood from Spain, Siam Benzoin from Malaysia and Cardamom from Guatemala.

Russkaya Kozha is a leathery, amber perfume that bares eternal Russiaís soul through the blend of Cade wood and an elegant accord of Benzoin from Malaysia and Cardamom from Guatemala. An elegant and sophisticated Grand Cruz. 3.4 oz

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