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  • Dermamelan Fortified Professional Pack

Dermamelan Fortified Professional Pack

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The Dermamelan Treatment was developed to achieve the highest level of efficiency with greater tolerance. Suitable for all skin phototypes, and recommended for skin with severe hyperpigmentation or resistance to Cosmelan treatment.

Although the formulation of both products, Cosmelan 2 and Dermamelan treatment is similar, the concentration of melanin regulatory agents is significantly higher in Dermamelan. Therefore, is recommended in more severe situations.

The high efficacy of the Dermamelan treatment is achieved through the exclusive combination of ingredients. This ingredients act on the melanocyte by paralyzing over a long period of time the production of melanin. At which point the corneal stratum desquamation and the elimination of melanin deposits also occur.

The use of sunscreen with high protection index - SPF50 - during the treatment is key to ensure its effectiveness and avoid the hyperpigmentation stimulation.

- Cosmelan is recommended for melanic spots; - Dermamelan is recommended for melānic stains with multiple recurrences after other treatments such as the Cosmelan.

The composition of the two creams is equal, differing in its concentration, in which the Dermamelan's peeling effect is stronger and more aggressive than the Cosmelan 2.

Includes: Oil removing solution (10 ml) Dermamalen Mask (10 gr) Ionic Face Mask Dermamelan Treatment (30 gr) Melan Recovery (50 ml) Melan 130+ Pigment Control SPF (50 ml)

Kit is non refundable if seal is broken