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  • Mccosmetics Melanopeel Pro Professional Melanopeel Pack

Mccosmetics Melanopeel Pro Professional Melanopeel Pack

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Professional Melanopeel Pack with the 3 essential products to set this special treatment for hyperpigmentation. A complete set for hyperpigmentation and deep skin revitalizing treatment: 1 x degreasing solution (10ml) 1 x pre-treatment solution (10ml) 1 x melanopeel mask (15 gr)

VIAL PRE-TREATMENT (SALICYLIC ACID) 10 ml The pre-treatment solution is a beta hydroxy acid keratolytic that increases and renews the skin epidermis. Improves the appearance of skin with acne, clear stains, revitalizes and brightens aged skin. VIAL DEGREASING SOLUTION 10 ml Used to eliminate the skinís grease ando to open the skin barrier allowing the cream penetration. MELANOPEEL MASK 15 ml Applied by a professional, for a final step. The mask is formulated to attenuate and eliminate skin blemishes of melanic origin located at an epidemic level