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  • Mesoestetic Ultimate Micropeel

Mesoestetic Ultimate Micropeel

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Micro-exfoliating treatment that exerts a smooth renewing action on the skin surface to remove dead cells, refine texture, smooth out imperfections and immediately enhance facial radiance.

Mesoestetic Ultimate Micropeel should be seen as a mask, as it provides weekly treatment! This lotion should be applied to the face with the help of a cotton pad, 1 to 2 times a week, preferably at night, after complete cleaning of the skin. Insist on the thickest areas of the face. Leave to act for a few minutes and then remove it with cold water. Then apply one of the Mesoestetic masks to benefit from an intensive treatment:


Active Ingredients: Glycolic acid Lactic acid Lactobionic acid Lactobacillus ferment Urban D-tox