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  • Mesoestetic MESOPEEL Glycolic Acid Peels

Mesoestetic MESOPEEL Glycolic Acid Peels

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Powerful AHA, Glycolic Acid helps to treat any aging concern, leaving the skin luminous, and more youthful.

Mesopeel Glycolic acid is gel based and is one of the most frequently used alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). It is highly efficient for controlling and reactivating cell synthesis processes. Its high cutaneous tolerability and small molecular size offer great transdermal penetration capacity. The keratolytic effect encourages the outer layers of the stratum corneum to peel by altering corneocyte cohesion. It encourages cellular regeneration and promotes glycosaminoglycan synthesis while increasing levels of moisture in the epidermis and reinforcing the skinís natural barrier function.

Glycolic Acid indications:

Preparatory peel Stage 1 skin aging Unifies skin tone Reduces expression lines and superficial wrinkle reduction

15 peels per vial 1.69 oz