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  • PHYTO-C Skin Care Eye Return Gel

PHYTO-C Skin Care Eye Return Gel

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PHYTO-C Skin Care - Eye Return Gel contains 7% L-ascorbic acid to help stimulate collagen production and prevent premature signs of aging around delicate eyes area. 0.5 oz

Application: Apply this gel once daily, using your fingertips to place 2-3 drops of the Eye Return Gel around eyes area. Avoid upper eyelids. Follow with sunblock and PHYTO-C B5 Gel and /or a moisturizer of your choice.

*Note: The Vitamin C will oxidize and darken with time. This oxidation is natural and will not significantly alter the efficacy of this product.

Water, L-Ascorbic Acid, Citrus Juices, Zinc Sulfate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Plant Extract of Bioflavonoids and Phenoxyethanol.