Skinceuticals Micro Sensitive Skin Solution

Skinceuticals Micropeel Sensitive Skin Solution
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Skinceuticals Micropeel Sensitive Skin Solution This is a unique formula that contains niacin and lactic acid, which exfoliate dead dry skin. Itís a suitable remedy for all types of skin, including the sensitive type. The stand-alone treatment, which can also be used alongside other methods, provides a superficial peel. So, it normally leaves the skin looking fresh and supple. Pre-mixed and self neutralizing. Easy to follow instructions.

Skinceuticals Micropeel Sensitive Skin Solution 2% 4 Oz PRO Size 2% Lactic Acid Formulated with niacin, lactic acid, and usnic acid Optimal starter peel suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

Indications Use every 4-6 weeks to exfoliate, decongests pores, helps reduce photo-damage. Suitable for all skin types.

Directions Included with bottle. 4 oz Bottle 40-60 peels depending on face size.

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