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  • The Cosmelan Pack MD

The Cosmelan Pack MD

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The Cosmelan Pack MD

Cosmelan is a depigmenting with an intensive corrective effect that regulates the overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling the appearance of new sunspots. It has a dual controlling and corrective action achieving short and long-term results by keeping hyperpigmentation under control. Cosmelan MD is a medical grade formulation that has proven to show results as soon as two weeks post-treatment.

This product also includes Hydroquinone, a dermatologist-recommended ingredient to safely fade dark spots.

A standard peeling is a treatment that acts on the surface of the skin by chemically eliminating the top layers and contributing to its renewal. Chemical peels deliver high concentrations of exfoliating acids to the skin to brighten the complexion, even skin tone and to improve the appearance of spots and wrinkles. In the case of patients with dark spots, a peel can help fade the spots but the blemish will appear again if the mechanisms that produce it are not treated.

The cosmelan® method visibly removes and attenuates spots (just like a peel) but it most importantly provides a regulating action as it corrects the overproduction of pigmentation to prevent the spots' reappearance. While peelings act on the surface of the problem, cosmelan® treatment targets the origin. APPLICATION TIMES OF COSMELAN 1:

MESOESTETIC RECOMMENDS: The mask application time depends on the skin phototype, sensitivity and the condition of the skin to treat. The intensity of the treatment depends on the thickness of the layer of product applied. For optimal efficacy, we recommend applying all the product, 10 g. Apply the mask evenly and all over the face, not just to hyperpigmented areas. Keep the mask moist while in place to prevent cracking. Use a water spray to do this, without removing the product. Once the mask has been applied the patient can go home. During the application time and after removing the mask, you must avoid exposure to sources of light and heat.

You may remove the cosmelan 1 mask after the time allotted (will be between 8-12 hours) on included instructions for skin type. Carefully cleanse the application area with plenty of lukewarm water. Do not exceed the recommended application time. 48 hours after removing the mask, the method continues at home. You must follow the Instructions for use to ensure the desired result. Home care products: cosmelan 2 cream boosts the depigmenting result of cosmelan 1, keeping the production of new melanin under control, preventing the reappearance of the dark spots treated and controlling the appearance of new spots.

Instructions for use: apply Cosmelan 2 on clean, dry skin, massaging in gently, according to the Instructions.

HYDRA-VITAL FACTOR K 50 ML Moisturizing, soothing product that restores balance to the skin barrier after treatments such as Cosmelan, when skin loses its natural protection due to intensive scaling.

MOISTURISING SUN PROTECTION SPF 50+ 50 ML Moisturizing, antioxidant sun protection, which provides efficient protection from UV radiation, the main cause of dark spots. It contains extremely efficient, safe sun filters for use during the Cosmelan method.

This kit is non-refundable if seals on package have been broken.