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  • IMAGE Skincare MD Restoring Overnight Retinol Masque

IMAGE Skincare MD Restoring Overnight Retinol Masque

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The IMAGE Skincare - MD Restoring Overnight Retinol Masque is the only anti-aging mask you will ever need. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced, imperfections are disguised, and the firmness of your skin is renewed, all while you sleep. This unique blend of antioxidants and moisturizing botanicals is formulated to even your skin tone. Its water bank technology issues time-released, encapsulated retinol hydration throughout the night. You will notice a difference in your skinís appearance and firmness within the first few weeks of use. When used 2-3 times a week in conjunction with other anti-aging skincare products, this mask will dramatically improve your skinís radiance. All it takes is the application of a thin layer after your nighttime cleansing regimen, and this moisture-rich formula begins its work. When you awake, give your face a thorough rinse with tepid water. Make your beauty sleep live up to its name. Restore your skinís vitality with the intense hydration of IMAGE Skincare Restoring Overnight Retinol Masque. 1.7 oz