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  • IMAGE Skincare Perfection Lift Peel Forte

IMAGE Skincare Perfection Lift Peel Forte

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A modern blend of exfoliating and revitalizing ingredients rejuvenates and repairs moderate to severe acne, aging and pigmentation. Skin type: Advanced aging, pigmentation, acne.

The IMAGE Skincare I PEEL Perfection Lift Forte is a peel for people serious about making a difference in their skin. 60% blend of Lactic, Salicylic, Retinol and Resorcinol Acids exfoliates, eliminates excess oil and produces anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. The Perfection Lift chemical peel is by far the most popular peel at our spa. It helps improve a variety of skin conditions, including hyper-pigmentation and acne scars. It also helps reduce deep lines and signs of aging by peeling off the external dead layer of skin. 2 oz

*Four treatments are recommended to get the full affect. Four treatments should be spread out every 30 days for the best benefit. Approximately 20 treatments per bottle.