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  • IMAGE Skincare MD Restoring Facial Cleanser

IMAGE Skincare MD Restoring Facial Cleanser

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Take your facial skincare products to a whole new level with the IMAGE Skincare - MD Restoring Facial Cleanser. In addition to cleaning and removing makeup, this cleanser promotes rejuvenation and helps your skin stay healthy. While some daily cleansers are singularly focused on removing makeup and dirt, this restorative cleanser contains active ingredients that stimulate new cells while still breaking down unwanted agents.

Other IMAGE MD products work in tandem with the restoring facial cleanser, helping you make use of some of the best anti-aging facial products on the market. Developed by experts in the skincare field, this product uses a unique blend of salicylic, glycolic and lactic acids, allowing for adequate, healthy exfoliation. The process revitalizes your skin, while still providing the necessary care for delicate and sensitive areas surrounding your eyes and cheeks. 4 oz