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  • JOVOY LArt De La Guerra EDP

JOVOY LArt De La Guerra EDP

Item #: jovoy-paris-lart-de-la-guerra-eau-de-parfum

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JOVOY LArt De La Guerra EDP

All is fair in love and war, but some weapons are more dangerous than others. In the art of seduction, perfume is remarkably efficient. The first note is an incisive rhubarb that makes this fragrance pop, like a casual wink of the eye. Buoyed by a particularly juicy Calabrian bergamot and the classic rhubarb pairing of tart green apple, L'Art de la Guerre initially explodes with shiny, jaw dropping tang--a perfectly deployed pick up line. But before it becomes too flashy or obtrusive, L'Art transitions, it's new tactic of seduction involving seamless, smooth, subtlety.

The genius of a ''clean'' note, lavender represents a handsome gentility. Corsican immortelle creates a subtly textured, taut velvet sheen. These cool, teflon-affecting notes allow us to experience the magnetism of this fragrance through an imposed distance, and from this point on we find its pull to be irrefutable. Soft spice and the faint traces of animalism follow as the seduction begins. Nutmeg is surprisingly refreshing, a spice that is floral and nutty yet soothing.

This spiced intro to the third and final layer of L’Art de la Guerre is a quiet segue to the louder textures of violet leaf, a tart, bright interruption that unfurls barbs that vividly grip our attention. Indonesian patchouli and australian sandalwood are energizing, green forces that buoy and synthesize the piquant, leafy heat of the base. These invigorating notes trace the thrilling sensations of that first touch, fingertips trawling across skin. If leather is skin, oakmoss is the steamy sensation that mimics its more porous, erogenous zones. Corsican cistus’ sweet smoke illustrates the burn of this sensual activation.

From an initial insouciant acknowledgement to the heady indulgence of base pleasures, L’Art de la Guerre is a tantalizing depiction of the game of seduction. A seemingly harmless, classically appointed scent, within the inventive, imaginative confines of L’Art de la Guerre we find ourselves prise au piège.

(Calabrian bergamot, granny, rhubarb, lavender maillette, Corsican immortelle, nutmeg, violet leaf, Indonesian patchouli, Australian sandalwood, leather, oak moss, Corsican cistus)