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  • JOVOY Remember Me Eau de Parfum

JOVOY Remember Me Eau de Parfum

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Remember Me is an olfactory aide-memoire of an inspiring trip to Qatar that perfumer Cecile Zarokian took with Jovoy founder, Francois Henin. While in Doha, Cecile fell in love with the scent of Karak, a local chai made with lots of lush, sweet milk, cardamom, and ginger, the steam of which mingled companionably with the exotic mukhallats and bakhoor she was sampling. Combined with wafts of frangipani coming from the shady avenues of Doha, Remember Me is a memory capsule of these exotic but comforting scents.

Combining edible elements like milk, vanilla, and chai with less edible notes such as leather and wood, Remember Me is a modern, sophisticated gourmand - it avoids making you think directly of food. Everything here is remarkably well balanced. The chai is peppery hot with ginger, but calmed by a generous pour of steamy milk and vanilla. In turn, the creaminess of the tea is kept fresh by a duo of bergamot and cardamom threaded through the scent like a tart green ribbon. You’d be forgiven for looking at the notes for this – vanilla, frangipani, milk and so on – and assuming that it’s a purely feminine affair. But no, it’s 100% unisex! Unusually, what pulls Remember Me firmly into the center is the frangipani; the variety used here smells more like peachy suede than tropical flowers. Remember Me is a milky chai suede that comfortably occupies the meeting place between gourmand, oriental, and leather. If you love unusual, complex ‘sweet’ fragrances such as El Born by Carner Barcelona and Leder 6 by J.F. Schwarzlose, then Remember Me might be your new obsession. 3.4 oz

Remember Me Notes Bergamot, lemon, cardamom, tea, frangipani, ginger, milk, woody notes, cedar, vanilla