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  • JOVOY - Rouge Assassin

JOVOY - Rouge Assassin

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The scent opens with the mysterious quality of both women's scents intermingling - sweet cigar smoke swirls and twirls in the dim light until it collides with a seductive cloud of powder. Everything is in silhouette as the scent draws you in to explore its development - the lipstick iris and saturated rose notes give way to a plush cushion of ambrette, vanilla, and benzoin. The cedar note lends a kick of smoke that evokes a bewitching image - a pair of glossy red lips smoking a clove cigarette.

Thanks to the collaboration of perfumer Amélie Bourgeois, Rouge Assassin is an homage to femininity that blends lipstick notes (iris butter), with the scent of skin (rice bran, musk, powdery floral accords) and echoes of Parisian cabarets. Men who wear it are either incurable risk-takers or they are Machiavellian schemers. 3.4 oz

Rouge Assassin Notes Bergamot, Fresh rose, elemi, solar accord, Iris, rice bran, ambrette seed, Virginia cedar, white musk, sandalwood, vanilla, Tonka bean, benzoin