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  • Promoitalia PQAge Evolution Plus Peeling

Promoitalia PQAge Evolution Plus Peeling

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The regenerating and lifting non-invasive peeling Face & neck lift and revitalization Revitalization of the inner thigh, arm and breast Treatment of stretch marks, recent scars and acne Skin pigmentation reduction Immediate visible result

PQAge Evolution is a precious gel, a unique composition, which has a PRP-like action and cosmetic make-up effect. A formulation specifically designed by Promoitalia to lift and regenerate the skin in a pleasant and non-invasive way.

PQAge Evolution ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Liposomial Epidermal Growth Factor, Liposomial Insulin-like Growth Factor 1, High concentration of modulated Chloroacetic Acid (CA 15-35%), Kojic and Mandelic acid, Glyne complex, Coenzyme Q10. LIPOSOMIAL GROWTH FACTORS Two specific growth factors to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, thanks to the direct action on fibroblasts. The growth factors links to specifics receptors, sending distinctive signals directly into the cells. MANDELIC AND KOJIC ACID Two essential molecules for anti-aging and anti-stain effect. Essential substances to reduce signs of skin aging, reduce epidermal thickening and hyper production of melanin.

One 3ml vial - 1 treatment