SkinCeuticals - C E FERULIC - Pro Size 1.9 oz

Skinceuticals C E Ferulic Pro Size 1.9 oz
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SkinCeuticals - C E FERULIC has eight times the natural protection of the skin against environmental aging and is a multiple award-winning antioxidant product. It contains 15% pure vitamin C, 1% vitamin E and Ferulic Acid. C E FERULIC helps reduce the amount of collagen damaged by UV rays by 96%. Pro Size 1.9 oz

Benefits include:

- Maximum anti-aging results - better than any one antioxidant alone.

- Neutralizes free radical damage and protects against oxidative stress - the factors that lead to premature aging, loss of elasticity, and hyperpigmentation.

- Once absorbed, can't be washed or rubbed off - excellent for use in conjunction with sunscreens.

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