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CAUTION: Be very cautious buying these peels online. Make sure the seller has their phone number AND address for verification. There are counterfeits being sold by unscrupulous sellers..

The PERFECT DERMA PEEL with Clear Acne Booster features Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic acid in addition to other powerful ingredients in the Perfect Derma Peel. This Clear Acne booster is an excellent addition for patients with moderate to severe acne or acne scars on the face chest back or any body area.

Alone the ingredients are powerful but in combination they produce results that are astonishing. This peel is designed to be used every 1 to 2 months initially depending on your skincare regimen and then every 3-4 months for maintenance. This peel does not require pre peel skin preparation and is fast acting, easy to apply, and virtually painless. Can be used on all skin types.

Use caution when opening the peel vial, as the solution may spray/pop from pressure.

About five hours after you apply your Perfect Derma Peel , youíll be able to wash the peel off. Within two days, you will start to notice light peeling and flaking as dead skin cells are shed; however, soreness and irritation are not common side-effects of the Perfect Derma Peel. After about six days, your skin will stop flaking and youíll notice a new layer of clear, smooth skin forming.

Downtime is not necessary for most people having this treatment, but some people prefer to take a few days off of work for cosmetic reasons. For several weeks after the treatment, you will need to carefully avoid exposure to UV radiation (healing skin is more vulnerable to sun damage). Use the medical-grade sunscreen provided every time you go outside, even if itís overcast, and use a wide-brimmed hat for added protection.

Kit includes everything necessary to complete one peel application:

- Perfect Peel Solution, acne booster, the Perfect Derma Post Peel moisturizer, two post peel towelettes, sunscreen, application cup, gauze for peel application, and easy to follow instructions.

All peels will have the latest expiration date made which is 1 -1.5 years from the current date. For any questions or advice or which kit is right for you please email us at . ALL additional information can be found at the manufacturer website

Skincare Solutions Store offers only genuine PERFECT DERMA PEELS that are manufactured by Bella Medical Products.

*Warning for all boosters: May experience additional downtime. May peel twice. The face and neck may peel up to 10-12 days; Body areas may peel for 2-3 weeks.

**We do not recommend the use of this peel unless you have had one done in the past. Occasionally, an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients may occur.

***We do not recommend the Perfect Peel if you are: - Pregnant or breastfeeding women. - Allergic to aspirin. - Have active herpes (cold sores) or infected lesions. - Have used Roaccutane 3 months prior to treatment