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Vi DERM Skin Brightening System

Vi DERM Skin Brightening System

Formulated with powerful pigment-fighting ingredients, this effective skincare regimen helps diminish the look of dark spots, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and Melasma in patients, including pregnant patients, while protecting skin from harmful UV rays your first line of defense for preventing and fighting pigment.

Lifts existing dark spots and sun damage Brightens and evens skin tone Protects and prevents future pigmentation

BRIGHTEN with VITAMINC C BRIGHTENING CONCENTRATE: Formulated with 10% Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, the most advanced form of Vitamin C, it works to prevent pigment by regulating melanin and defending against skin-aging free radical damage. Formulated without water, this non-oxidyzing formula optimizes skin brightening, smoothes, softens, and delivers radiance-boosting benefits.

LIFT with DARK SPOT LIFTING SERUM: 5% Tranexamic Acid inhibits melanin production and improves barrier function. Kojic Acid suppresses excessive melanin production, reducing dark spots and pigmentation. Lactic Acid increases cell turnover and eliminates dead skin cells

PROTECT with SPF 50 DAILY UV DEFENSE BROAD SPECTRUM SUNSCREEN: An SPF for all skin tones that does not leave a white cast. VI SPF 50 works to protect the skin and prevent further pigmentation. Best of all, it has a comfortable finish that's so sheer. Formulated to soothe and protect skin post aesthetic procedure, optimizing the healing process