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  • VI PEEL Body Kit (Small/Medium 4ML)

VI PEEL Body Kit (Small/Medium 4ML)

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Fully transparent legitimate VI Peel store.

Buyer Beware: We are fully transparent unlike other sites. We're the only legitimate online seller with authentic VI Peels. The others are imported from China and do not have the same strength of acids as the U.S. VI Peels.

VI PEEL BODY is the first and ONLY professional grade body peel for all skin types and tones that is specifically designed to reduce pigmentation, clear body acne, fade surgical scars, and smooth away stretch marks.

First of its kind, non invasive, and pain free, VI Peel Body treatments stimulate anti aging collagen and increase cellular turnover. This helps address troubled areas and reveals smoother more radiant skin in just one treatment.

SAFE for Fitzpatrick I-VI. Painless upon application.

Address multiple conditions and is safe for all body parts! The body peel is ideal for lifting sun damage, targeting acne, softening stretch marks, and smoothing scars.

Key Benefits:

Exfoliates and helps diminish pigmentation and textural damage to restore skin to its natural health;

Effectively penetrates damaged areas; and

Promotes rapid cell turnover.

Kit includes :

VI Peel Body (4mL solution for Small/Medium) (8mL for Large);

A plastic application cup;

A gauze pad;

Two peel prep towelettes;

1 oz. VI Derm® Post Treatment Repair Cream;

1 oz. VI Derm® Retinoic Serum; and

Full Instructions.

Easy to Use: The body has a much slower cellular turnover than the face. From the peel to the aftercare, VI Body Peel is hyper focused on maximizing results. Use of a cellulose sponge is recommended and included in the kit.

VI Peel Body should not be used on the face or front of neck.

The formula was created to combat thicker skin on the body.

The SMALL/ MEDIUM 4 ml size vial is the amount for treating these body areas: Upper Arm - under arm - lower arm - hands - knees - feet.

Truly a Peel for Every Body!

*Body peels have at least six months until expiration.

•Trichloroacetic Acid • Retinoic Acid • Salicylic Acid • Phenol • Ascorbic Acid • Benzoyl Peroxide • Hydroquinone • Kojic Acid • Hydrocortisone