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VI Peel Body

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CAUTION: Be very cautious buying these peels online. Make sure the seller has their phone number AND address for verification. There are counterfeits selling online for less..

VI PEEL BODY is the first and ONLY professional­ grade body peel for all skin types and tones that's specifically designed to reduce pigmentation, clear body acne, fade surgical scars, and smooth away stretch marks.

HOW IT WORKS: First-of-its-kind, non-invasive, and pain-free. VI Peel Body treatments stimulate anti-aging collagen and increase cellular turnover. This helps address troubled areas and reveals smoother, more radiant skin in just one treatment.

SAFE: Safe for Fitzpatrick I-VI, Painless on Application, Address Multiple Conditions, Safe for all Body Parts, Visible Peeling, Easy to Use,

The body has a much slower cellular turnover than the face. To combat the sluggish skin, VI Peel Body's aftercare regimen speeds up the desquamation process with twice daily use of Retinoic Serum. From the peel to the aftercare, VI Peel Body is hyper-focused on maximizing patient results. The amount of visible peeling will vary significantly from light flaking to sheet peeling.

*Use of a cellulose sponge is recommended and included in the kit.

VI Peel Body should not be used on the face or front of neck. The formula was created to combat thicker skin on the body and if used on the face or front of neck can penetrate deeper and result in skin damage. .

The SMALL/MEDIUM 4 ml size vial is the amount for treating these body areas: Upper Arm, under arm, lower arm, hands, knees, feet

The LARGE 8 ml size vial is for treating these body areas: Shoulders, back, buttocks, half bottom leg

We do not recommend using this peel if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in Ingredients tab.

It is typical to need a series of 3 treatments for optimal outcomes in acne and hyperpigmentation.

Use caution when opening the peel vial, as the solution may spray/pop from pressure.

Instructions are included and must be followed exactly.

Safe for all skin types, tones, and textures - it's a peel for every body

The VI Peel Body proprietary blend of acids and conditioning agents contains the following ingredients each under a 15% concentration.

Superficial function with use of AHAs

• Glycolic Acid has a small molecular structure that allows for rapid epidermal penetration, bypassing the thicker stratum corneum on the body. Glycolic Acid paves the way for additional acids to penetrate deeper.

• Lactic Acid provides gentle smoothing via exfoliation hydrates, lightens pigment and firms.

• Mandelic Acid has a larger molecule that penetrates slower. It aids in sebum reduction and pigment suppression. This key acid reduces the overproduction of melanin to even tone and brighten.

Deeper functioning with core acids

• Trichloroacetic Acid drives the depth of the blend and addresses nearly every condition along its path: texture, pigment, acne, and wrinkles.

• Phenol acts as an anesthetic while mimicking TCA functionality. Anti-inflammatory support

Conditioning Agents

• Allantoin is a moisturizing agent that aids in cell renewal and wound healing to combat delays in healing and shortens the healing time post-peel.

• Aloe Vera offers anti-inflammatory properties and has a cooling capacity to further improve patient comfort.

The of VI Peel Body is between pH 1.0-2.0.