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  • VI Precision Plus Peel Kits

VI Precision Plus Peel Kits

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VI Precision Plus Features Two Boosters (Lighten & Brighten) For 14% More Volume which allows for 6-8 passes & improved peel penetration. Specifically formulated for.

Pigmentation Melasma Sun spots/age spots Acne scarring Suitable for various skin types

Use caution when opening the peel vial, as the solution may spray/pop from pressure.

Immediately after a VI Peel, skin may look pink or red and feel tight. Peeling of the epidermal layers usually begins around day three and lasts through day six. During this time, you should allow the peeling to occur naturally and are cautioned against picking, pulling, or exfoliating the shedding skin.

Visible improvement in skin tone, texture, clarity, and brightness can typically be noted after 1 week.

For optimal outcomes, most individuals benefit from a series of treatments.

Each kit Includes everything listed below for one full treatment:

- VI Peel Solution, - Precision Plus Dual Booster to add into the VI Peel, - Two Precision Plus towelettes, - Three post peel Towelettes - One prep towelette, - Two cleanser sample packets, One application cup, - One 2x2 Gauze for peel application, - One Vi Derm Moisturizer - 1oz size - to use for a week post peel, - One Vi Derm SPF 55 Sun Protection - 1 oz size

Q: What can I do if I have redness/chapping during the peeling process?

A: The skin is irritated and needs to heal and rehydrate to normal levels. You can use Aquaphor to help heal the irritated skin in that area.

All kits are at least a year away from expiration date.

Easy to follow instructions included.

All of our VI Peels are guaranteed authentic. They will always have the latest expiration date made which is 1 -1.5 years from the current date. For questions or advice about which kit is right for you please email us at or call us at: 303-888-6359 for addition information.