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  • VI Peel Original Kits

VI Peel Original Kits

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Original VI Peel

The VI Peel is safe for all skin types and ethnicities. No skin preconditioning is necessary before using the VI PEEL and it is virtually discomfort free. Clients typically experience a warm, tingly sensation that quickly subsides; there is little or no downtime! The actually peeling process lasts 2 to 3 days, and is easily managed with the post-peel kit that is included with the peel.

For Medium-Depth Peel Clients (Generally First Time) Sensitive Skin Early Signs of Aging (Ages 20+) Rough Texture Keratosis Pilaris Maintenance Peel Mild hyperpigmentation

Immediately after a VI Peel, skin may look pink or red and feel tight. Peeling of the epidermal layers usually begins around day three and lasts through day six. During this time, you should allow the peeling to occur naturally and are cautioned against picking, pulling, or exfoliating the shedding skin.

Visible improvement in skin tone, texture, clarity, and brightness can typically be noted after 1 week.

For optimal outcomes, most individuals benefit from a series of treatments.

Use caution when opening the peel vial, as the solution may spray/pop from pressure.

The VI Peel may be repeated as often as every two weeks initially, if necessary, for damaged skin and problematic skin. Our recommendation for maintenance of average skin would be once every three months to prevent damage and aging of the skin.

The degree of peeling is affected by many factors: Skin preparation: Skin must be thoroughly cleansed and fully degreased with pure acetone (included). This step is very important. It strips the skin of all oils and debris, allowing for the optimal penetration of the VI Peel. If you have oily skin it is suggested to degrease the skin twice.

Kit includes everything needed for chosen quantity of single peel kits including post care. Each kit includes:

- VI Peel;

- Prep towelette;

- Three post peel towelettes to enhance peel,

- Application cup,

- 1 oz VI sunscreen; 1 oz VI Moisturizer; and gauze for peel application.

- Easy to follow instructions for application included

*All peels have at least one year until expiration.

All of our VI Peel Kits are guaranteed authentic by VI Aesthetics. They have the latest expiration date made which is 1 -2 years from the current date. For any questions or advice or which kit is right for you email us at: