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  • WiQo PRX Reverse Brightening Serum

WiQo PRX Reverse Brightening Serum

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WiQo Reverse Serum is a lightening serum, designed to aid in the eradication of sun spots and skin discoloration caused by sun exposure and/or acne scarring.

Silky in texture, this product is easy and pleasant to apply. This is a home-use product and to be used in conjuction with the WiQo peels - though it may be used as a stand alone product.


Gently massage into the skin until absorbed, once daily in the morning. Use sunscreen with this product.

Contains: Alpha Hydroxy Acid Ammonia-Free Alcohol-Free Animal Cruelty-Free

Melasma/Hyperpigmentation, Lightening, Dark Spots

20 ml

ferulic acid, α-lipoic acid, glabridin, aminomethylphosphonic acid, lactoferrin chelates iron, niacinamide, tranexamic acid