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  • Promoitalia PQAge Body Peeling

Promoitalia PQAge Body Peeling

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Promoitalia PQAge Body remodeling is non-invasive peeling an exclusive, powerful product able to revitalize skin in a single treatment, conferring uniformity of skin color, elasticity and comfort.

Active ingredients conveyed with the “PQAge system” to penetrate deeply and to eliminate the most common imperfections of the body’s skin.

Strong LIPOREDUCING action Intense DRAINING effect Immediate FIRMING action Extraordinary BIORESTRUCTURING effect PQAge Body is highly indicated for:

PQAge Body is for body use only Treatment of localized fat deposits Thighs / Inner arms Abdomen Inner thighs Hips Body toning Treatment of stretch marks PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY PQAge Body is formulated with specific liporeduction ingredients suitably conveyed:

Fibroblast growth factor (FGF) High concentration of modulated chloroacetic acid Lactobionic acid Deoxycholic acid Phosphatidylcholine Caffeine and Carnitine Horse chestnut Centella asiatica extract The deep penetration allows to reach specific targets in a non-aggressive way and without irritant

30 ml Single Treatment