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  • Mesopeel MD Oxyage

Mesopeel MD Oxyage

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Mesopeel® MD is the line of peelings developed to be applied by doctors. Its formulas combine the efficacy of chemoexfoliating agents rigorously selected and weighted in concentration to achieve an optimal efficacy and safety profile in the doctor's office.

The potency of the new formulas is reinforced by a regenerating and repairing action for accelerated and intensive skin recovery. This regenerating, repairing and restructuring action is achieved thanks to a common transversal complex: MD complex, containing arginine, shikimic acid and caffeic acid.

Mesopeel® MD peels stand out for their maximum safety and certified quality: Medical Device Class I.

Oxyage is a retexturizing peel that attenuates superficial skin imperfections. It unifies the tone and texture, minimizes the pore, and oxygenates and purifies the skin.

Active Ingredients:

30% TCA, 6% Kojic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Aminobutyric Acid, Chlorogenic Acid, and Etidronic Acid.

50 ml

Compare Peels:

mesopeel® MD retiflash: lack of radiance and vitality, signs of fatigue. *mesopeel® MD oxyage: imperfections of the skin relief (texture, tone and pores). mesopeel® MD periocular: wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging of the periocular area. mesopeel® MD phenTCA: severe ageing (deep wrinkles and loss of density).